Why Easy Game is so Special ?

It is always a good idea to give your brain a pretty challenge. Notably, at these times, at lockdown!

A brain challenge game appeared a few weeks ago. It is in line with the principle of brain out game.

I want to introduce you Easy Game!

Easy Game uses an existing concept, the concept of Brain out (tricky tests), but adds some unique features that set it apart from afar.
I will introduce them to you throughout this article.

But let me first call to remind you that playing it is an excellent exercise; it provides a range of tricky levels where you need to use your logic to find how to solve them.

For each level, there is a question and some items you can manipulate and use to solve the request.

Most of the time, the answers are quite tricky and may disappoint the player even it has some logic.

Now before I dive into the details, I’ve broken them down into the following challenges :

What Makes Easy Game Different :

General Knowledge :

My favorite feature of Easy Game is that in addition to classic levels, you have daily challenges.

And what is unique in Easy Game’s daily challenges is that the questions are mainly from general knowledge. Great to combine fun and learning.

For example, yesterday, I was asked to rewrite a number in Roman numerals.

And I’ve learned a trick to get additional hints quick.

Here’s how I do that: Go to the device settings, then click on Date and hour, disable automatic date & time and finally change the date to tomorrow. That’s it! Tomorrow’s Daily Challenge is unlocked and if you solve it, you will receive additional hints.
You can repeat it as many times as needed.

Jigsaws :

Out of all the classic features, easy game is unique in something: Jigsaws! The question “Assemble this” or “solve this puzzle” comes back every few levels.

And this is fantastic!! Because when the player is tired from hard levels,

Jigsaws come to provide a short break. It’s easy to solve with not more than ten pieces of the puzzle.

Look at this one; it isn’t easy?

Easy Game Assemble a dog
© Easybrain

Traps :

When you find a question that says: “how many apples are there?” and on the same screen there are three big apples, you should hold on …Not as easy as it seems, the answer will be different than three:

You may find additional transparent apple at the corner of the screen; you may also find another one below one of the visible apples. So try to do something other than directly entering the “visible” answer.

There is always a trap for levels that seems easy.

Here we have moved the three apples and found three smaller apples under them. One of the newly discovered is hiding another smaller one.

In total, it makes 7!

easy game how many apples
© Easybrain

Do not be fooled by appearances!

Mathematics ➕:

I probably played dozens of brain game apps. I wanted to focus this topic on Easy Game because it has some specific features in its riddles. There are just a few categories in this area, but only “Easy Game“ developers thought to integrate some Mathematics riddles, including Algebra and Geometry.

easy game Create a shape

Logics :

There are many levels where only logic reigns!

A handful of Physics and sciences knowledge is the super tool that helps you get this kind of level solved.

For the level below, for example, you have to calculate the volume of glasses without their respective content visually. Of course, the logic here is that large items cause less water in these glasses.

easy game which glass contains the most water

Riddles ✔️:

Not all of the similar games have the same quality when it comes to riddles. I saw some hard ones that cause a headache. But here, they are easy, tricky, and sometimes fun:

easy game riddle

My advice for riddles is not to try to click on boxes randomly. Try first to solve them yourself.


Apps don’t cost money at install, but then you will contribute to the developer revenues by displaying ads or consuming some in-app purchases.

Nearly every app is free. And for each kind of game, you will find dozens of similar apps.

You won’t see the difference between them unless you try them all.

I did the job for you!

And I found the only Game which brings together different kinds of levels.

If you want to learn and have fun, you just have to Try out: EASY GAME

Sure, there are other amazing games as well, but why not start with a complete app?

For those who already had some experience with it, have you seen other special features?

Download Links:

Google Play :


App Store : Get-it-on-app-store

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