96% Set 47 Answers [ Complete ]

We are here today to help you finish the game ! This topic will be for answers by level according to the order of appearance. This time it is dedicated to 96% Set 47 . The developer Moustetrap Gamesis a really good one and have applied many ideas in our game.

96% Set 47 Answers :

You can also find the answers of the other puzzles by following this topic :

  • Question 1 : Name something we can do with shoes: : Put them on, Take them off, Polish, Clean
  • Question 2 : Name a monument from European capital cities: : Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Coliseum, Acropolis, Kremlin
  • Question 3 : Name an animal with a long tail: : Horse, Rat, Snake, Squirrel, Fox, Lemur
  • Question 4 : What’s on the image? : Alarm clock, Coins, Banknotes

Please continue your progress for the next level by getting some help from here : 96% Level 48 .

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